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This page contains information on the E2 Investor Visa, South Florida list of Homes, Luxury Condos and Commercial Property for Sale, and a link to US Federal information on the E2 Investor Visa directly from the government of the US.

As a Licensed Real Estate Professional, I can help you with the purchase of a Home or Commercial Real Estate in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and other cities in South Florida that you might need when getting your E2 Investor Visa.

The E2 Investor Visa is for those that want to bring their families to live in the United States by buying and running a US business, have your kids go to school here, etc. The funds and processing time are much less that what is required for the EB5 Visa, I believe that you can bring your wife and immediate family to live with you, with a business investment of around $100,000 US Dollars, you should also have sufficient funds to buy your own Home or Condominium.

I have heard clients say that they have heard that E2 attorneys have a way of qualifying your family members over the age of 21, those under the age of 21 usually qualify for the E2 Investor Visa.

This is how your money can be protected for the purchase of the business, after the seller of the business provides you with all the documents that you will need for the E2 Visa, you will go ahead and pay the agreed price to your business purchase attorney he'll keep the money in escrow until your visa attorney notifies you that you received the E2 visa, then the funds will be released to the sellers.

We have a good business transfer attorney on our team, we can also use the one of your choices.

If you plan to finance a Home or a Condominium, I have a Mortgage Broker on my team that tells me foreign nationals if they are not paying cash can finance their home purchase by putting down 30% of the purchase price.

Check with an attorney on how much of an investment you need for the E2 Visa, before you get started, attorneys can do wonders with the E2 Investor Visa.

Please see the bottom of the page for US government information on the E2 Investor Visa, remember attorneys know the easiest ways to qualify you.


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Homes and Businesses for Sale:


Investor Visa Residences Broward $400 - $2.5 M

Luxury Condominiums Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood FL

Luxury Condominiums Miami Florida


Commercial Property and Businesses Opportunities Broward FL

E2 Visa US Government Information

List of Countries that Qualify for the E2 Investment Visa


England, Canada, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, UK, are some of the countries that qualify for the E2 Investor Visa, see the full list from the Immigration Department for countries that qualify for the E2 Investors Visa above.

We also serve Miami to help you with the purchase of E2 Visa Investor's Residences or businesses, Miami is 25 miles/50 Kilometers south of Fort Lauderdale. 

As a Licensed Real Estate Professional, I'm able to help you from Offer to Closing on any property selling in the state of Florida, even if you see it advertised by another company.

All listings are updated daily so that you're always looking at fresh information.

Once you find out that you are the citizen of a qualifying country and have the funds necessary, I can refer you to an attorney that handles E2 Investor Visa petitions, email me. If you are in another country, you can use WhatsApp to send me a text message +1(954) 648-6095


P.S. Look at five properties, the program will ask you to register to send you a list of properties of interest, and you will get the full functionality of our secure site.


Your friend in Florida, I hope to hear from you soon.

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